Depending on what kind of solar installation you decide on there are various operation related tasks.

Monitoring of your generation rate is important to detect problems before they will make your installation useless. Typical problems include:

  • Dirty Panels
  • Damaged Panels
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Shadowing

In general faulty wiring will not be a problem with our installations, damaged panels will be replaced if still in warranty period without discussion.

Dirty panels should also not be relevant except in extreme cases, we install our panels in a 15° degree setup which optimizes generation and at the same time will provide you with automatic cleaning through rain. If there are long dry periods it could be possible that the panels are not as effective as they should.

Shadowing is a typical problem in Thai solar installations, different to normal Thai installations we will check how the sun moves all day over your property and calculate the expected output coming from that. Others are calculating with optimal conditions which are not always realistic.


If you have any problems with your installations we are always available and will instantly come to check it out.

Your solar set is connected to the internet and can be monitored at all times for problems with single panels. If only one panel has a problem all other panels will reduce their output to the weakest member, so early detection and repair of faulty panels is important.

After finishing our setup we will explain all needed usual maintenance tasks to you so that you can do everything yourself. If you don’t want to do it yourself we are also always available todo maintenance tasks for your solar installation.

You can check out your solar generation statistics over any phone, computer or tablet at all times!

Harvest the sun for your energy needs